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  •  >> Frequently Asked Questions

  •  > How can I find the right casing for my products?

    Check the items you want to place inside. For a perfect protective foam interior,

    the items should be placed at least 2 cm from the case walls.

    Keep at least 1 cm space between the items.

    This way you can estimate the case dimensions for your application.

    On the data pages you will find soon the link to our “case wizard”,

    an application which helps you to find cases to match your size requirements.

    We are happy to help you to choose the right casing for you!

  •  > Which foam material suits my application, what are the differences?

    There are many different materials available.

    It depends on the weight and size of the items you want to place inside the casing and on the casing you choose.

    We can help you to find the right material for your application.

  •  > What are the properties of the heavy duty waterproof cases?

    These cases are made of ABS, ABS-PC mix or PP-copolymer (PPCP) material,

    which have the technical properties to keep them waterproof and all items inside safe under demanding circumstances.

    There is a silicone sealing in the lid. The cases are so tight, that we integrated a vent to allow pressure equalization.

    For example if you close the case on a mountain, it would be almost impossible to open it in the valley without venting,

    due to the higher atmospheric pressure.

  •  > Which case materials do we use?

    Most carrying cases are made of PP (Polypropylene), the bigger cases are made from ABS.

    Small storage boxes and cosmetic boxes are also sometimes made of PC (polycarbonate)

    with absolutely transparent properties.

    For more details about materials and recommended operating temperatures, see the material information page.

  •  > Can I get samples?

    Yes, certainly. We are supplying samples for testing the cases.

  •  > How much are samples?

    We usually give PP case samples for free - you only pay the shipping costs.

    Heavy duty waterproof cases cases cost a reasonable sample fee.

    Speak to your personal sales consultant or project manager - often samples are free as part of a project or product development.

    Under certain circumstances we even refund sample costs on order.

  •  > How is the workflow?

    Have a look on the workflow page. It explains the process from case selection to final product.

  •  > How can I order the cases?

    Simply contact our sales team. Your personal sales consultant will arrange all necessary steps.

  •  > How do you ship the goods to my location?

    For samples we usually recommend courier services like UPS, FedEx, DHL or others.

    Final quantities are shipped either by sea freight or air transport.

    We cooperate with your shipping agent here or recommended shipping agents

    which are professional and reliable with good service for competitive prices.

  •  > I have very special requirements. Can you design and produce a unique solution for me?

    Custom made cases, perfectly adapted to your specific application are of course ideal.

    Costs are reasonable and from certain quantities initial tool investment costs are leveling out.

    Timing is also not a big problem. Just check it out. Get in touch and let our team specialists give you a very detailed price.


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