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- modification of existing designs. We work together from any standard product but change size, add features, branding etc.
- completely different case, form factor, combination of features, branding, IML etc., bring your ideas or we develop for you.
- infection tool production from the 3D file of the part or delivered 2D / 3D sketches of finished tool designs.


   custom made cases & parts.


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  • How big is the part?

    Well, this depends of course of your design.
    Smart part design could reduce tooling costs.
    For example complex or oddly shaped parts
    could be broken down to a sub assembly of
    smaller parts.

  • Can different parts be made in the same mold?

    Yes, but
    - part's plastic volume should not be too different
    - must be of course the same material
    - moving parts for undercuts must fit in

  • How many parts in one mold (Multi-Cavity)

    Producing many parts in one production cycle (closing and opening of the tool) is very cost effective.
    But bigger molds are more expensive.
    We calculate the ideal most cost effective number of cavities for each tool.

  • Mold size vs. Break-even quantity

    Mold investments pay-off over quantity.
    A multi-cavity mold is more expensive but the production costs are lower than a single cavity mold. Machine costs, energy costs etc. are low.

  • Moving inserts to produce undercuts?

    It is possible and usual to produce certain features located at part sides or to create undercuts with moving parts inside the mold (slider).
    It is also possible to design interchangeable inserts to produce different part versions with one mold.

  • Threads?

    Plastic screws and threads are usual.
    Threads require special inserts with rotate and move upon opening and closing of the mold.

  • Mold-in metal parts?

    Mold-in metal parts, like screw threads, magnets etc. can be mold in during the injection process and reduce assembly cost and time.

  • Multi-material / color over molding?

    Different materials or material colors can be molded over each other in a 2-stage process.
    It is often the only possible way to achieve certain design features for function or look.

  • Double injection?

    Look at your toothbrush. It is certainly made with double injection of widely different materials (hard / elastic) in one production cycle.
    Special machines with rotating tools make this possible. If you think about employing similar attributes, ask us. We show you how to do it.

  • IML?

    In-Mold labeling is a modern way to integrate graphic features, similar to sticker or print, directly during the production cycle on your part.
    Check out more IML information here.

  • DriBiz  < Innovative Dry Solutions (USA) >

    DriBiz manufactures and markets unique dry solutions for shaving razors, hearing aids and smartphones. DriBlade, keeps your razor sharp and smooth over 3x times longer than air-drying.

    DriSonic, keeps your hearing aids dry and sounding great. Its simple and effective design provides quality storage for all popular mini hearing aids.

    Used is a unique DriPacket silica technology to offset oxidation and germ build-up, and comes as a secure unit with locking clasp for easy travel.

    We designed and produce for DriBiz the case and two blister inserts, for the DriBlade shaver box and the
    DriSonic hearing aid box. The case features a long locking clip and a silicone gasket.
    Branding on the top and back was accomplished with hot-foil printing

  • Ørgreen Optics  < High-end Design Eyewear (DENMARK) >

    Ørgreen Optics is famous for high-end Danish design eyewear, handcrafted in Japan.
    Timeless simplicity and playful innovation.
    Edgy and iconic with clean lines and unique colours.

    Ørgreen designs strong and wearable frames for quality-conscious individuals.
    Already a classic of Danish design.

    We designed and produce for Ørgreen Optics their spare part box.
    The PP case features additionally a printed reference card.
    Branding with the
    Ørgreen logo on the lid. The case surface is matte but still very scratch resistant.

  • ByField Optics  < Polarized Binoculars (AUSTRALIA) >

    ByField Optics is an Australian-owned company that specializes in custom-made eye protection for the military. Their products incorporate maximum strength UV lenses that are certified to ANSI Z87 1-2003 and US MIL DTL 43511D ballistic protocols.

    We designed and produce for ByField Optics two different carrying cases for their line of polarized binoculars.
    Additionally we produced
    Branding on case lid with
    ByField  logo and black overprinting. The case has an anti-reflective coating for military applications

  • Loupe System  < A MACRO LENS FOR THE EYE (HONG  KONG) >

    The best optical quality ever made available in a hand-held loupe. Loupe Systems supplies watchmakers, jewelers and anyone looking for highest quality hand held magnification.
    Loupe System is the official loupe of the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève.

    We supply the waterproof carrying case for the Loupe system kits.
    It features a very clever foam interior design. Branding on front and back with stickers.
    Together with Loupe Systems we designed the Loupe Clip. It features 2 materials, produced in a overmolding process.





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