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Complete your HengTime casing solution with additional accessories and services.

       We offer for example

                            - integral and perfectly matching gadgets for your cases.

                            - custom mobile power solutions

                            - development of special accessories for your particular project or application needs

                            - assembly service for cable trees, batteries and peripherals

                            - sourcing service


       Check it out!


       If you have any questions, suggestions or just like to reach out to us,
       simply use the
contact field at the end of the page

Basic additional accessories .

                            - Shoulder Straps / Lanyards
HengTime Waterproof Carrying Cases and the Outdoorboxes come with
                                 connecting features for shoulder straps or lanyards.
                                 Easily customizable and brand-able in color or woven-in text, logos etc.

                            - Soft carry bags, made exactly to the size of our cases from Kevlar enforced fabrics.
                                 Custom tailored according to your specifications with extra pockets for additional items.
                                 We stitch your logo, brand or product name on it. In your colors.
                            - Safety padlocks fitting to all padlock-able
HengTime cases.
                                 Key or number locks, TSA approved. Many designs available.
                                 Adding your branding to the locks is also no problem


The HengTime team has great experience in designing and producing integrated solutions with
batteries, computer, printer, scanner and other electronic devices.
Our BVR kits won several tender and we supplied BVR kits for our customers in high quantities.


Time and costs are nowadays main criteria in this field and we are pro-actively helping our customers
with pre-assembled cases featuring sophisticated cable connections integrated in the interior.
This reduces the assembly time and costs massively.


If you are looking for AC cabling / surge protection, DC cabling and power supply with integrated battery systems or USB cabling to peripherals, get in touch with us.


If you have any questions, suggestions or just like to reach out to us,
simply use the
contact field at the end of the page

Mobility is EVERYTHING .

            Many applications depend on mobile power.
            Mobile power increases the operational scope of applications and products.


The HengTime Mobile Power department develops for you

             - certified custom power solutions
             - high capacity battery systems
             - smallest form factors and lightweight
             - perfect high speed battery loading solutions with zero temperature effects
             - charging supply AC, DC or solar power
             - reliable AC-DC and/or DC-AC conversion


Looking for something SPECIAL?

            Some projects call for unusual solutions to overcome restrictions.
            We develop solutions you do not find in Google or on the shelf of any hardware store.


HengTime supplies for example

             - electronic case locks, activated via mobile devices, fingerprint, number code etc.
             - laptop / notebook / tablet lift systems - allowing access to other items and improving ergonomics. 
             - special case interior solutions for

                      - extremely high or low operating environment temperature protection
                      - special case solutions for extreme impact resistance
                      - electronic shielding

       If you have any questions, suggestions or just like to reach out to us,
       use the
contact field at the end of the page and we get you in touch with our battery specialists


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Saving COST and Time.

HengTime assembles for you.

            Dedicated assembly lines allow to place, connect and wire items cost efficiently.
            Off customs assembly stations available in Shenzhen and Hong Kong.
            We deliver partly or completely assembled cases to any location worldwide.

            You supply items and peripherals, or we source particular products for you.




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